Click here to access sample passages created by the University of Ottawa. In order to access this link you must sign in to Google using your uOttawa email address. 

Intermediate Level

ESOL Courses – Free English Lessons Online: Hundreds of listening clips available for students at an intermediate level. Just click on the exercise you would like to do, listen and answer multiple choice questions!

ESL Lounge: A comprehensive website that offers test-prep, listening and reading practice, as well as some grammar exercises. A good place to start is the advanced level exercises, as the intermediate are fairly simple.

Intermediate and Advanced Level

English Level Test: On this site, you can take 4 different level quizzes to get some immediate feedback on your overall language level. There are quizzes in Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar.

Listening Comprehension & Note-taking Exercises: Includes information on the listening process, summarizing and note-taking, recognizing the structure of a lecture, and understanding reference. Includes exercises.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab: This site offers hundreds of listening passages, all with quizzes and answers. The “Listening Quizzes for Academic Purposes” will be most useful for your preparations.