Practice Test

The practice test is designed to give you a sense of the types of tasks you will see when you write the final exam. After taking the practice tests you will receive your approximate level in each section of the test. For the writing and speaking tests, you will also receive a feedback report which will identify your areas of strength and weakness.

Please note that you may only take the practice test once.

Students who submit practice writing and speaking tests before the eighth week of the course will be provided with personalized feedback. After the eighth week, practice tests will not be marked.
See for the exact deadline.

To access the Practice Test:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Create Account
  3. Click I am a test-taker
  4. Enter the Group Access Key (this was sent to you by email)**
  5. Click I need an account
  6. Enter the required information and click Create an Account.

**Please email if you did not receive the Group Access Key.


Once you have created your account you may access the tests. There are four tests:

  • ESL3100 Listening – allow 30 minutes for this test
  • ESL3100 Reading – allow 75 minutes for this test
  • ESL3100 Writing – allow 50 minutes for this test
  • ESL3100 Speaking – allow 15 minutes for this test


Important differences between the practice test and the final exam.

Listening – The length of the listening passages and the number of questions may be different on the practice test and the final exam.

Reading – For the practice test, the passages are individually timed. During the final exam students will have a time limit for the entire reading test and will have to manage this time themselves. The length of the reading passages and the number of questions may be different on the practice test and the final exam.

Writing – For the practice test, students will type and submit their response through the computer interface. At the final exam, students will write their response to the topic by hand. The format of the information presented in the prompt may vary.

Speaking – The final exam will be a face-to-face interview in which the interviewer will ask you questions about yourself, then will present you with a topic to read about and ask you questions related to this topic. For practice test, you will read about a topic, view the questions and record your response using a microphone. During the final exam, you will not be allowed to read the questions in advance.