Click here to access sample passages created by the University of OttawaIn order to access this link you must sign in to Google using your uOttawa email address. 

Intermediate Level

Adult Learning Activities: This website offers a variety of reading passages based on day-to-day themes. Choose a theme, read the text and then answer some comprehension questions.

ESL Lounge: A comprehensive website that offers test-prep, listening and reading practice, as well as some grammar exercises. A good place to start is the advanced level exercises, as the intermediate are fairly simple.

Reading Comprehension: With a total of 44 reading passages, you can practice your reading skills and verify your comprehension.

Intermediate and Advanced Level

Test-Taking Strategies for Reading: Follow this link to read some test taking strategies when completing reading exams.

English Level Test: On this site, you can take 4 different level quizzes to get some immediate feedback on your overall language level. There are quizzes in Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar.

Active Reading: Using your City of Ottawa library card, you can have access to 10 reading units. Each unit focuses on a different skill and levels range from intermediate to advanced.

Study Zone: Choose your level (Upper Intermediate or Advanced recommended) and you will have access to reading, vocabulary, and some grammar exercise.

How do you become a better reader?: Here you have access to 8 sheets, giving you strategies and tools you can use to develop your reading abilities. Track your progress and improve your reading abilities.